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Clean NLP

to provide NLP Practitioners, and above, an introduction to Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling and how to use those clean language skills to enhance their NLP practise.
  • Learn basic Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling and Clean Space to facilitate subjective experience elegantly

  • Evaluate key NLP techniques to identify what makes them work

  • Learn to evolve your NLP techniques

  • Facilitate clients  more powerfully by adapting to their symbolic perceptions

  • Facilitate yourself effectively to independently resolve issues  

An interactive four-day course with plenty of opportunity to practice the skills for 295 including excellent lunches

Next Event
28 September - 1st October inclusive at Prestberries Natural Healing Centre Please book with Prestberries by calling 01452 700306


"An inspiring new set of tools to add to my kit - all with an ecological intention" R.V. NLP Master Practitioner
"I can't believe how much I have learned and how far I have come. How did you fit it all in? Perfect combination of practise opportunities and head learning/input" R.H. NLP Practitioner
"This has been a valuable & beneficial learning experience. Your style of tutoring has really helped me to learn" M.J. NLP Diploma



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