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Modelling Client Information (for salespeople and service providers)
One of the key skills for salespeople and service providers is to be able to help the customer to know what they really want; why they want it and how they will know when they have it. This course develops precision-questioning skills.
Performance Coaching (for business people)
A large part of Manager's role requires them to have the skills to effectively communicate what they want from their team and, within those evolving targets and constraints, to give the team the freedom to achieve their goals in ways that are most motivating for them (true empowerment)

Management Development
A powerful programme of short workshops integrated with 1:1 coaching to develop managers to more effectively achieve their business goals

Clean NLP (for NLP Practitioners)
A training workshop to develop NLP skills and processes using 'clean' principles to provide practitioners a method of being more creative in meeting the client's needs. This can make the change process more ecological and profound. Ned Skelton is an NLP Trainer has been working with NLP and Clean Language & Symbolic Modelling for over eight years.



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