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Management Development

To assist the development of Managers to become more effective through improved: self-awareness, self-management and improved interpersonal communication skills.
The content of the course depends upon the needs of the managers on the programme and includes the practical skills of NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming); Clean Language & Information Modelling. Additional theoretical models will include ‘Systems Thinking’ and ‘Solutions Focus’.

Individual personal goals are used as a platform to integrate the learning from each workshop, supported by the coaching, and provide a basis for evaluating the programme.

Typical Programme
A 4hr workshop will be run each month for 12 months with a minimum of 1 hr per month of one-to-one coaching. Email and telephone support is also available.

"Since the workshops and 1-on-1 sessions with you I have been introduced to a whole new way of thinking and a new perspective on most things!  I do not make a differentiation between changes in my social and professional life – simply changes in me
Audit and Compliance Manager, Direct Supply, British Energy 



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