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Clean Language Practise Cards
This resource is primarily aimed at those people who have completed Module 1 (2-days) of Clean Language Training. However, other people may find it an interesting practise to learn by doing to create a model of another person's thinking.

The pages (see link below) can be printed off onto card and cut up into individual cards so that practise games can be created. It is recommended that each page is printed onto different coloured card so that the different categories can be separated for the different stages of 'play'. (or use highlighter pens)

Please note that the "And that's like what?" question has been moved from the Developing questions category, as in Penny Tompkins & James Lawley's 9+3 questions, to sit with the Specialist questions on page 5. This is simply to prevent the question being repeatedly asked and allow information about individual issues to be developed instead of skipping between different metaphors. It is the author's experience that the Focus will unconsciously present metaphors anyway and a player can choose to develop those if he/she so wishes. 

The pack can be accessed here It is a 220kB file and may take a short while to download. (use the back button on your browser to return to this page)

Training Game 1
For 2 to 6 people. One person (the Focus) specifies something they want to know more about in themselves. E.g. a desired outcome. Then each other person in turn asks a Developing question, of something the Focus has said, from the pack containing just the Developing questions. It is good practise to use the full syntax "And [ ]. And when [ ]. And [clean question]" where [ ] denotes the client's selected words exactly or their gesture. E.g.
Focus "I want to be more successful"
Player "And you want to be more
successful. And when you want to be more successful, what kind of successful is that?"

After a number of rounds of questioning, the Intention questions are shuffled into to the pack and the game continues. The group then discus with the Focus the usefulness of particular questions and the effect of the order in which they are asked. 

A variation to this is to mix the Specialist questions in with the other questions and the person picking one up has first to state how the preconditions for 'being clean' are met prior to asking them OR they pass to the next person and return the card to the bottom of the pack. E.g. Before asking "what's between" there must first have been two things/beings (symbols) stated by the Focus.

Have fun learning :-)


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