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What is Coaching?

Coaching is a cyclical process of enhancing the Performer's awareness of 'what is really going on'; guiding them to choose
responsibility for the actions they will take to achieve their personal goals and helping them to evaluate the consequences. 

It consists of:

  • a relationship between the Coach, as a facilitator, and the Performer
  • the Coach having expertise in coaching
  • allowing the Performer to acknowledge their expertise in:
    • their issue
    • what motivates them
    • their resources, capabilities and any skills they need to develop
  • the Coach helping the Performer to:
    • think more effectively
    • identify what they want to happen
    • identify what needs to happen to achieve it
    • creating new options
    • choose responsibility for actions
    • evaluate what happens

Performer Centred Coaching is where the Coach only facilitates the Performer and does NOT advise, instruct in solutions or make suggestions. It is our experience that this is the most effective and respectful way of helping people to both develop their skills and enhance their self-confidence in order to take on new challenges. However, once a Coach has mastered this they can then develop the subtlety required to be able to advise etc. without the Performer losing ownership for their issues and choices of action. 

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